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Corrosion Protection

Solvent Cleaner
Approved MIL-PRF-680 Type III Cleaner. Safe, high flash point (205°F/96°C) cleaner removes heavy greases and high melt point soils....
Aqueous Cleaner
Mild acidic immersion cleaner formulated to clean, brighten and protect copper and copper alloys. Contains additives to prevent...
Aqueous Cleaner
Ultrasonic aqueous cleaner designed to remove buffing compounds, coolants, oils, particulates. Safe for use on metals and plastics...
Aqueous Cleaner
NEW aqueous immersion cleaner designed for agitated and ultrasonic parts washing equipment. Formulated for aerospace alloys, CleanSafe...
Corrosion Inhibitor
Non-staining inhibitor designed to provide long-term protection of steel alloys. >60 days humidity cabinet on polished steel....
Corrosion Inhibitor
Water-dilutable corrosion inhibitor designed to protect steel alloys for 30-60+ days. Typically used in final rinse stage at...

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